Surgical hand-piece
Sonosurgery®Air Power

It is a sealed, powerful sonic vibrating hand-piece, suitable for surgical use, compatible with Multiflex ™ coupling. Also complete with an hexagonal torque wrench (Kavo type) for standard screwable connection inserts. Tapered tip, smooth elongated shape, for easier cleaning and sterilisation.

Regulating three speed level rotating ring. Principally designed for use in oral surgery. Hermetic, excludes air leaks to avoid embolisms and emphysema. Utmost performance, vibratingly powered by exclusive internal mechanism.

Sonosurgery® Steril

Air-scaler handpieces are generally irrigated by non-sterile water from dental unit’s mesh. In order to protect patients’ health in every invasive surgical procedures, it is legally imposed that only sterile solutions and sterile distribution circuits must be used in all cases.

Sonosurgery® Steril

  • Exclusive Kavo (Multiflex ™) compatible quick coupling connecting sonic hand-pieces to air tubes in both Sonosurgery® UNIT or dental unit directly.
  • Device supplied together with Sonosurgery® Unit, by means of a barbed hose nipple, allowing sterile liquid in external disposable bag to reach the hand-piece and inserts.
  • Sonosurgery® Steril when mounted onto dental unit automatically excludes mains water,  but still incomplete in disposable bag sterile liquid pushing system to hand-piece through infusion tube. Sonosurgery® AIR SURGICAL UNIT effectively solves this problem.