Air Surgical Unit
New command unit for Air Power hand-piece

Independent unit (patented), automatically supply sterile irrigation to inserts. It exclusively functional with compressed air (no electricity), allows the control of all sonic vibrating hand-pieces. Furthermore, safe for pacemaker wearers, risk-free performance in with flammable gas filled environments (operating theatre).

Operating air is supplied through a quick coupling tube to a dental unit. Sterile liquid irrigation is supplied by use of disposable soft plastic bag. Irrigation liquid is pressed by the inflatable bag-press which is included in the UNIT. The irrigating liquid flow, unlike peristaltic pumps, is constant and not intermittent.



  • Switch

    In “Auto” position the sterile irrigation  and hand-piece are automatically  activated simultaneously by pedal to start.

    In “On” position it allows to place or remove the infuser tube from seat.

  • Pressure gauge

    Measures the air pressure in the bag-inflation device. When over 0.7 BAR an automatic safety valve is activated.

  • Bag-inflation pressure regulator

    Adjustable setting knob for  maximum air pressure in the bag-inflation device, to establish the flow of the irrigating liquid.

  • Handpiece cord connector

    Screwable ring hand-piece air cord panel connection; small hole entrance and large hole exit.

  • Air pedal connectors command

    Quick coupling for air tubes, male and female respectively, to and from the control pedal.Pre ssure gauge and handpiece regulator


  • Pressure gauge and hand-piece regulator

    Pressure measurement gauge (left) and adjustable setting knob (right) for air powered hand-piece of up to 4.4 BAR max.

  • Pneumatic tube crushing device

    A: Plunger in stand-by position, irrigating tube is open and liquid flows freely.

    B: Activated plunger, tube is crushed and irrigating liquid flow is interrupted.

Surgical hand-piece

Sonosurgery®Air Power It is a sealed, powerful sonic vibrating hand-piece, suitable for surgical use, compatible with Multiflex ™ coupling.

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Vibrating sonic inserts suitable in all applications of oral surgery, from simple tooth extraction to the most advanced oral surgical techniques.

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