The Sonosurgery surgical tips.

A series of vibrating tips with low frequency, surgical instruments, developed by the KOMET based on the idea of Dr. Ivo Agabiti.

Usable with air scaler handpieces (model: SONICflex), these tips were conceived to realize very fine cuts and incisions in the bone with micrometric precision and a maximum of interventional safety.

The Sonosurgery tips are available in three shapes: straight, sagittal and axial, thus able to reach all sort of bones during intervention making access more.

Traditional surgical inserts.

Unsafe due to their ergonomy and their difficult control.

The need to cut and perforate bone with more safety has permitted to develop surgical instruments with better performance.

Insert SFS 100

Insert SFS 101

Insert SFS 102

The distance of 1 mm is necessary to constantly monitor the bone cutting depth.

The tip width only measure 0.25 mm.



Maximum security.

The Sonosurgery® tips

is suitable for soft tissue since they do not transmit vibrations.

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Three angles make mouth access easier and ensure a better visibility.

Cutting quality.

The tips have three alignment
modes that determine the cutting
quality at every single level.

Perfect Visibility

Perfect visibility is determined by

the angular adjustment of the tips,

the flushing of the produced blood,

the cavitation effect created by irrigation

and the use of fibre optic lighting on the handpiece.

Sterile Sonosurgery Irrigantion

The refrigerated brine is immediately nebulized as soon as it gets
in contact with the vibrating implant, without using the dangerous spray
produced by the mix of water and compressed air.



Sinus Lift

Crest Expansion

Implant Placement