Sonosurgery® Implant

Series of 8 diamond-coated tips with growing diameters and 190 micron grains
which make their ablative action more effective
and rapid during bone penetration and enlargement
for the creation of the implant alveolus..

Suitable for carrying out both upper and lower jaw implants, either front or rear ones.

The size of inserts is up to 3.6 mm.
The hole produced by vibration has a larger diameter which will allow the implant to be inserted up to a diameter of 4.5 mm, depending on bone density.

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Insert SFS 99.014 - ø 1,4mm 

Insert SFS 99.018 - ø 1,8mm 

Insert SFS 99.021 - ø 2,1mm 

Insert SFS 99.024 - ø 2,4mm 

Insert SFS 99.027 - ø 2,7mm 

Insert SFS 99.030 - ø 3,0mm 

Insert SFS 99.033 - ø 3,3mm 

Insert SFS 99.036 - ø 3,6mm 

Diamond-coated tip

with 190 micron grains

The tips’ conical shape is self-centering by nature. It allows to exploit the peripheral ablative action of the sonic movement. The preparation of the site is suitable for both conical- and cylindrical-shaped implants.