MD Ivo Agabiti

After a long experience as orthodontist, Dr. Agabiti studies at the University of Aquila, Italy and graduates in dental technology with the highest degree. From 1986, he practices as freelancer in Pesaro, Italy, where he mainly specializes in surgery and prosthetic implantation.

DFrom 1995 he uses ERE (Edentolous Ridge Expansion) and LMSF (localized Management Sinus Floor) techniques, created by the group Bruschi, Scipioni and Calesini from Rome, whose closest disciple he himself was.

Together with Dr. G.B. Bruschi he offers, in his dental studio, continuing training in prosthetic implantation for ridge expansion and maxillary sinus lift via crestal approach using preventive orthodontics and the AMA technique (abutments modified anatomically) also published by the above mentioned group.

To facilitate the approach to these surgical techniques, Dr. Agabiti developed the sonic system «Sonosurgery», a series of vibrating tips for bone surgery produced by Komet, usable with air-driven Sonicflex handpieces.