The Sonic Handpieces.

The engine of the Sonosurgery® tips.

Sonosurgery tips are compatible with all major air scaler brands.

They are activated by air-driven devices.

No further associated parts are required.

The air-driven handpieces are already available in most of the dental practices.


As sonic devices we intend the conventional air-scaler used for prophylaxis.


Pneumatic power oscillating handpieces (240 µm) with a frequency of approximately 6.000 Hz.


Can be quickly connected to the air tube of the dentist chair.

Sonosurgery Air Power
Safer and powerfull. Suggested for surgery.

Sonosurgery Air Power by TKD
Handpiece with pneumatic actuator

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Komet | SF1LMKomet | SF1LM

The air-driven sonic handpiece SF1LM work very delicately and efficiently. It is characterized by elliptic oscillations working at 360°.


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Morita | AirsoflyMorita | Airsolfy

Air Solfy is a high precision instrument. The air-driven and good balanced vibration of the tip guarantees a gentle and efficient.


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NSK | Ti MaxNSK | Ti Max

Ti-Max S950 is a multi-purpose air scaler that offers a wide variety of clinical applications. NSK Power Ring allows you to select 3 power levels depending on procedure types.

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Sirona | SiroairSirona | Siroair

SIROAIR is an air-driven handpiece that fulfils the major needs in dentistry. It can be easily set on the SIRONA turbine and is then immediately operative.


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Kavo | SonicFlexKavo | SonicFlex

KaVo SONICflex is an instrument with a wide range of applications: prophylaxis, paradontology, endodontology.



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W&H | SineaW&H | Synea

The air-scaler with coolant spray and a big light output is ideal for the removal of tartar and plaque, for scaling-root planning, and for surgery purposes.


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3 axis movement.



Three-Dimensional movements.

These handpieces have a three-dimensional orbitant motion.

Axis X

Axis Y

Axis Z

Sterile irrigation

The quick connection to the patented system permit sterile water irrigation during oral surgery.