Crest Expansion - Split Crest

The sonic Sonosurgery tips

Anatomical limitations like bone resorption often prevent a correct implant placement after tooth extraction.

Performing a split crest technique (ridge expansion) after osteotomy, can increase the thickness of the edentulous ridges parallel to the insertion of implants. This would result, with a high success rate (98%), in a significant increase of horizontal edentulous ridge (crest expansion) and masticatory mucosa, which allow a satisfactory prosthetic implant rehabilitation.

Sonosurgery sonic tools allow to perform thin and precise bone cutting (split crest), thanks to the sharp angles and their thin profile (0.25 mm).

The ultimate goal will be to place a dental implant of sufficient size to improve stability and greatly reducing the risk of bone recession..

Espansione crestale fase 1Espansione crestale fase 2Espansione crestale fase 3Espansione crestale fase 4

Split crest case (Ridge Augmentation)

Caso di split crest inferiore (ERE - Edentulous Ridge Expansion) che riguarda l'area del primo molare...





Split crest (ERE - Edentulous Ridge Expansion) and postextraction implant

This case shows an insufficient crestal width to insert implants.





Crest expansion and placement of two dental implant.

Case of Crestal Expansion due to insufficient crestal volume in the lower right sector.

A crestal expansion through Sonosurgery surgical tips was performed for primary osteotomy...






Sinus Lift

Crest Expansion

Implant Placement