Sinus lift technique with sonic Sonosurgery tips

What is the maxillary sinus lift technique?

The sinus lift is a surgical procedure performed by an appropriately trained dentist or dental specialist to increase the amount of bone in the posterior maxilla since a greater volume of bone is better for dental implants to maximize the stability and reduce recessions.

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Sinus Lift

Case of sinus lift (LMSF - Localized Management Sinus Floor) with implant placement.

Ridge shows poor horizontal widening, therefore a split crest (ERE) bone augmentation is needed to adapt the ridge to the implant diameter and replace a molar.



2-stage split maxillary sinus lift technique

Sinus lift (LMSF - localized management sinus floor) in 2 stages because of insufficient bone level in maxillary posterior area and presence of maxillary sinus septum (Underwood septum).





Sinus Lift

Crest Expansion

Implant Placement